Chicken Dippers: 2016

Viking Rowing Club Chicken Dippers Rowing ProgramThe Viking Rowing Club offers an excellent rowing program for youngsters called the “Chicken Dippers”. This program is open to children ages 10 to 14 and teaches the basics of rowing. Season begins in mid-June and runs until August. Students learn first on our practice shell out of the water and are prepared for their first row in the water.




2016 Chicken Dippers FAQ:



Fee $100

Where: The Dr John Holland Boathouse, Calvert Ave., Ventnor Heights

Designed to introduce boys and girls ages 10 – 14 to the sport of rowing

Sign-ups are Monday June 20th – Thursday June 23rd 2016 from 6-8pm

Program begins Monday June 27th at 6pm -8pm with 12-14 year olds. (rowers row 2 nights a week,Monday – Thursday). Saturday July 2nd 9am-12pm with 10-11 year olds. (parent volunteers welcomed)

No rowing Monday July 4th.

Program ends Saturday July 30th.

For the Chicken Dipper BBQ on Saturday July 27, we ask that each dipper bring a desert or a 12 pack beverage. Guests are welcome for a $5.00 donation.

No rowing during lightning and thunder storms.

For more information Call Ray D’Amico (609) 641-8973.

Membership and enrollment information is available by contacting Coach Ray from our Chicken Dippers contact page . We encourage you to enroll your sons and daughters into this program especially if they plan on rowing in High School or College. The skills learned in this program will always be valuable to your youngsters and will prepare them for future athletic goals. Hope to see your Chicken Dippers on the water!

Send Coach Ray an email   View the 2011 Chicken Dippers photo album

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