Novice Program

Shari Shaltout coaches the novice group at the Viking Rowing Club.  Novice practices are Saturday and Sunday at 8.30am starting from Saturday June 4th you can start whenever you’re ready and no obligation to be there every weekend after you begin – just when you’re able.

The Novice program offers beginners and first time rowers the opportunity to experience rowing in a fun and highly supportive environment. Surrounded by experienced rowers, members of the novice program find them selves in a boat within the first half hour of their arrival to the Viking Boathouse.

The Novice program uses three boats: eights with one oar per rower, called sweeping or in quads and doubles with two oars per rower which is called sculling. There are several coaches available for private lessons, also.  After a few lessons you can join in on weekday novice practices. Follow this link for some basic rowing terminology. 

Cost is $250 ( $100 for students) a year for boathouse dues.  Shari’s coaching fees are $5 for an eight, $10 for a quad, $30 for a double and $40 for a single, per hour.  (Price may vary with other private lesson coaches. You pay the coach from the beginning, but you can try rowing for a few sessions before you commit to the boathouse, yearly dues.  The first year the novices row from the first weekend after Memorial Day until September.  After that we try to get out in May and row until the weather gets too cold.

Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, socks and drinking water to practices.  Shorts and T-shirts should not be too baggy or they get caught in the wheels and oar handle.

Contact Shari at  or  phone at 609-412-9094.


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